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Share Recordings Across Multiple TVs

Experience the convenience of Multi-Room DVR. Start watching a recording in one room and continue to watch the same recording in another. Your mDVR system can record up to 4 different programs at once while you watch 2 additional pre-recorded programs in different rooms.

Access your Recordings

  • Press the "B" Button on your remote to access your recordings on all boxes.
      Tip: *mDVR is displayed next to the recording categories on your menu to indicate the correct screen.
  • If you access recordings through the "Quick" Menu or "List" button you will only be able to view the recordings on that TV.

Resume Recording In Another Room

  • Stop current recording in "Room 1".
  • Move to another room with mDVR.
  • Go to mDVR menu and highlight the paused recording. Playback will resume from paused or stopped position.
  • Recordings can be viewed in multiple rooms at the same time.

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