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Armstrong Hotspot

Mobile communications and connectivity are critical in today’s business environment. People on the go need a place to get online to check e-mail, download files, upload sales orders and more. Your business can provide a solution for them.

A Hot Spot offers wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) access to the public through a wireless router that transmits a signal to a laptop, tablet, smart phone or other wireless-enabled device. Wireless users are able to connect to the Internet or their corporate network when they are away from home or the office.

Hot Spots give your customers a sense of freedom. Whether they're enjoying a coffee, organizing a meeting over lunch or taking a business trip, the convenience of Internet access is at their fingertips.

Wireless users can work remotely from your location and come to know your establishment as a reliable Internet source. They’ll appreciate the extra service—and you'll build loyalty amongst your clientele. Plus, while they’re at your location, they’re likely to purchase more!

Armstrong Hotspot

Free/Open Access

For a monthly fee, Free/Open Access allows you to provide your customers with free Wi-Fi Internet access.

Armstrong will set up and manage your Hot Spot so it’s secure and reliable. Your Hot Spot can even require a login and password, so only authorized users can access the connection.