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In today's hyper-competitive business environment, telecommunications are one of the most critical components for your daily operations. Simply put, robust, reliable and cost-effective data, voice and video services are critical to the success of your organization.

Armstrong is the local provider you can trust to deliver advanced telecommunication technologies, highly redundant networks, unsurpassed reliability, and cost efficiencies.

As a leader in telecommunications industry for more than 65 years, we know what it takes to deliver the performance, reliability and security required for business critical IT and connectivity solutions.

Dedicated Internet Access:

When your broadband requirements exceed our standard Business Internet packages, Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) services provide your business a reliable, symmetrical connection to our advanced fiber optic network. And because Armstrong owns and operates our network, we are your true first and last mile provider, so you don't have to worry about relying on or hassling with third party providers. You can rest easy knowing your business is getting the performance, throughput and connection availability you need.

Metro Ethernet Services:

If your operation has multiple locations and you need to tie data connectivity together, our Point to Point Ethernet service is your answer. Seamless and scalable, we can deliver a network connection that will enable you to transfer and share data among locations safely and securely with exceptional speed and reliability.


Designed to work around your ever-changing business needs, Primary Rate Interface (PRI) voice services from Armstrong Business provide up to 23 simultaneous call sessions with Direct Inward Dial Number (DID) capabilities and Toll Free service options. Your business will enjoy professional, flexible communication capabilities at an affordable price.

SIP Trunking:

Armstrong Business SIP Trunking delivers secure and affordable IP based voice trunk to your IP PBX. With a dedicated circuit, SIP Trunking avoids the public internet for high-quality voice calling. Armstrong SIP Trunking is highly scalable providing your business with as many voice lines as you need – all within a few keystrokes.

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