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Unified Voice Hosted PBX

Truly the last phone system you’ll ever need.

It delivers best-in-class capabilities that are affordable for all. Take advantage of over 50 features and multiple high definition phone models.

Unified Voice is a turnkey solution that includes features like instant messaging, video chat, presence (co-worker status) and voice to text transcription that integrates across all your devices – desktop, mobile and tablet. And since it’s cloud-based, new capabilities are continually added and improved upon.

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Low up-front cost and predictable monthly expenses

With Unified Voice, there are no surprises. You pay for only what you need.

An end-to-end secure and reliable solution

Armstrong delivers a high quality, reliable solution over our managed network
Superior disaster recovery solution as compared to premises-based PBXs

Leverage technology

Flexible infrastructure can grow as you grow Feature upgrades are done in the network – seamlessly

Automatically route calls to the right person or deparment

Auto Attendant enables you to ensure that your customers’ calls are handled effectively 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Focus on your business - not your phone system

No premises-based equipment to install, maintain or occupy space

Integrate your mobile device, laptop or tablet with our downloadable apps

Make and receive calls anywhere you have an internet connection

Easy management and administration

Admins and users easily control Unified Voice from any web browser
Tailor calling features to individuals or groups

Call recording on demand

This powerful, cloud-based solution is affordable, scalable and easy-to-use
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Mobility and Unified Communications

Accession extends the rich experience found in Unified Voice to your mobile device. Make and receive calls or easily move them between your desk and mobile clients or handsets. Save mobile minutes by using Wi-Fi for calling.

On a laptop or desktop computer, Accession enables you to integrate voice, instant messaging, video, and email into a single, cross platform user experience. Accession will become the primary means by which your employees communicate.

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