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iOS Streaming

Streaming Recordings to your iPad or iphone

You're a few taps away from watching live TV or recorded shows wherever you are - even if you're away from home.

  • Be sure that your iPad or iPhone is connected to your home network.
  • Launch and sign in to the EXP app.
  • To stream a recorded show:
    • Tap "My Shows." Make sure the "On DVR" tab is selected. This will show a list of all recorded shows available to stream.
    • Tap the title of show you want to watch to view information about it.
    • Tap "Watch Now," and then choose "Watch on iPad/iPhone."

To Stream Live TV:

  • Tap the Guide button at the bottom of the screen to browse the program guide. Scroll the guide columns up or down to view more listings. (You can also use the numbers on the side of the screen to skip quickly to a range of channels.)
  • Choose a show that is currently airing, and tap the title to select it.
  • Tap "Watch Now," and then choose "watch on iPad/iPhone." Your DVR will start recrdoing the show and it will begin streaming to your mobile device immediately.
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