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EXP Troubleshooting

Use our EXP troubleshooting tools to reset your EXP video equipment. You'll also find guides to help you program your remote control and troubleshoot remote control issues.

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Remote Control Setup

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Watching TV & Controlling Live TV

Just press the LIVE TV button on the remote at anytime to go to your broadcasted channels.

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Setting Parental Controls

You can set parental controls to manage the access your family has to content by program ratings, locking specific channels or even preventing viewing of recorded content.

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Finding Shows and Movies

The TiVo service searches upcoming TV shows and movies, web videos, Video On Demand, and more, all at the same time.

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TiVo Suggestions

TiVo Suggestions will find and automatically record shows that will interest you based on the THUMBS UP® or THUMBS DOWN® ratings you give any show.

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Your Upgraded EXP Experience

The new EXP experience is visually rich, easy to use, and delivers powerful, customizable features to help you watch exactly what you want, when you want.

What's New In The EXP Experience

Learn about the new features to My Shows, the new EXP Voice Remote commands, the Auto Play feature, and Sports and Movie Ratings.