Armstrong Telephone

Calling Features

Convenient and easy-to-use calling features

Voice Mail
Never miss an important call. Check your messages with your phone, online or even by e-mail.
Caller ID
Decide which calls to answer or ignore and log missed calls by date and time received.
Caller ID Block
Keep your number to yourself. Block your caller ID information on outbound calls.
Call Waiting
Don't let an important call put your life on hold. Receive a second call while talking on the telephone.
Call Forwarding
Send incoming calls to your cell phone or any other number when you're away from home.
Speed Calling
Set up your telephone to quickly call frequently dialed numbers by dialing only one or two digits.
Call Blocking
Block all incoming calls from a list of telephone numbers you define.
Do Not Disturb
Temporarily reject all incoming calls and send them to voice mail.
Three-Way Calling
Host your own mini-conference call by adding another person to an existing conversation.
Call Rejection
Reject calls from anonymous callers whose Caller ID information is blocked.
Return Call
Eliminate missed calls by dialing *69 to identify the last caller.
Repeat Call
Dial *66 to redial busy numbers automatically until your call is connected.