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Upcoming Contract Renewals

Armstrong strives to deliver the best TV programming available with the channels you want at a great value. All programming we offer is subject to agreements with media companies who provide content and the rights to us. These contracts vary in length, but many run for a number of years.

Contracts to carry the channels listed below are presently in negotiation. Broadcast station signals include multicast channels, if any are associated. Armstrong has consistently reached agreement with programming groups to continue carriage without experiencing an interruption of service. We will provide notification on this site in the event an agreement is not renewed.

Notice: Below stations are currently under review.
  • WSAZ
  • WQCW
  • WTAP
  • WBAL
  • WGAL
  • WTAE
  • WATM
  • WWCP
  • WOIO
  • WUAB
  • WJW
  • WPMT
  • WPHL
  • WBFF
  • WUTB
  • WCHS
  • WHP
  • WLYH
  • WJAC
  • WPGH
  • WPNT
  • WNUV
  • WVAH
  • WSEE
  • WICU
  • WKYC
  • WMAR
  • WEWS
  • WFMJ
  • WVFX
  • WDTV
Notice: The Retirement Living TV (RLTV) channel is ceasing operation on 12/31/17.
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