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Android Streaming

Streaming Recordings to your Android Device

You're a few taps away from watching live TV or recorded shows wherever you are, even if you're away from home.

  • Be sure that your Android device is connected to your home network.
  • Launch and sign in to the EXP app.
  • To stream a recorded show to your Android device:
    • Tap "My Shows" at the bottom of the screen (on a tablet,) or tap the TiVo button and choose "My Shows" (on a phone). This will show a list of all recorded shows available to stream.
    • Tap the title of show you want to watch to view information about it.
    • Tap "Watch Now," then choose "watch on Tablet/Phone."

To Stream Live TV:

  • Tap "Guide" at the bottom of the screen (on a tablet), or tap the TiVo button and choose "Guide" (on a phone). Scroll the guide columns up or down to view more listings. (You can also use the numbers on the side of the screen to skip quickly to a range of channels.)
  • Choose a show that is currently airing, and tap the title to select it.
  • Tap "Watch Now," and then choose "Watch on Tablet/Phone." Your DVR will start recording the show and it will begin streaming to your mobile device immediately.
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