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Wireless Hot Spots

Attract customers to your business

Mobile communications and connectivity are critical in today's business environment. People on the go need a place to get online to check e-mail, download files, upload sales orders and more. Your business can provide a solution for them.

A Hot Spot offers wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) access to the public through a wireless router that transmits a signal to a laptop, tablet, smart phone or other wireless-enabled device. Wireless users are able to connect to the Internet or their corporate network when they are away from home or the office.

Hot Spots give your customers a sense of freedom. Whether they're enjoying a coffee, organizing a meeting over lunch or taking a business trip, the convenience of Internet access is at their fingertips.

Wireless users can work remotely from your location and come to know your establishment as a reliable Internet source. They'll appreciate the extra service—and you'll build loyalty amongst your clientele. Plus, while they're at your location, they're likely to purchase more!

The Zoom Hot Spot makes our shop a true destination. Our customers stay longer and have a more pleasant experience. Wi-Fi service from Armstrong is outstanding – simple implementation, trouble-free maintenance, and super reliability.

Barry Cummings
Cummings Candy & Coffee Shop

Free/Open Access

For a monthly fee, Free/Open Access allows you to provide your customers with free Wi-Fi Internet access.

Armstrong will set up and manage your Hot Spot so it's secure and reliable. Your Hot Spot can even require a login and password, so only authorized users can access the connection.