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Are You Secure?

Author: Adam/Friday, August 23, 2013/Categories: About Our Products, Zoom Internet, Special

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loginWe often talk about online security and safe surfing here. Anything that you can do to keep your computer, online accounts, personal information and family safer is a good thing. Do you allow your web browser to store your passwords for you? This can allow you to easily log in to the various websites you access during the day. Be careful when allowing this feature, as there can be some issues. Cnet sites some frustrations with the feature as used in Chrome, where the saved password can be viewed by others who have access to the same computer. Other browsers have similar features too that you might want to be aware of. Always make sure to keep your personal computer locked down well, and avoid features like this on shared computers. Read the full article here and let us know what types of security steps you take.

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