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Free Wi-Fi

Author: Adam/Friday, March 7, 2014/Categories: About Our Products, Zoom Internet

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We all need to be connected at all times these days. For the most part that is pretty easy. From being connected at work to using mobile devices on the go and especially when you are at home and connected to fast and reliable Armstrong Zoom. But how about when you have to take your work on the road. Sometimes you just can't get everything done on a mobile smartphone or tablet and need to use public Wi-Fi. While you can generally feel comfortable about the networks you use at a local coffee shop or hotel, it is always best to cover all your bases. With the recent data breaches in the news, like Target, Forbes recently published a list of best practices when it comes to using public Wi-Fi. They list tidbits like confirming the name of the network with an employee of the establishment. This can help you avoid a phony network used specifically for data theft. Using a VPN and always watching for the "https" in your url bar are recommended as well. Finally, keeping your software up to date is highlighted. For the full article read more here.


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