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How Fast Can You Go?

Author: Adam/Wednesday, March 14, 2012/Categories: About Our Products, Zoom Internet

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Your favorite site taking longer than usual to load doesn’t always mean there is a problem with your Zoom Internet connection. To help troubleshoot Internet speed issues Armstrong provides an easy-to-use speed test powered by Ookla, the very same speed test used by one of the most popular broadband sites on the Internet – Sure, there are hundreds of sites that provide speed test features, however the Zoom speed test is connected directly to Armstrong’s advanced broadband network so it will always provide you with the most accurate results. Plus, if you do encounter a problem with your connection, Armstrong’s helpful technical service representatives will be able to quickly review your Zoom speed test results to provide the best support possible. A few general tips to help you achieve the fastest Internet speeds possible:
  • Be sure to test connection speeds at different times of the day
  • For accurate results, connect your computer directly to your cable modem bypassing your router; other computers or devices on your home network will affect your results
  • Use a wired, not wireless connection; the accuracy of your results when completing a wireless test could be affected by the quality of your wireless connection
  • If you choose to test using a wireless connection, make sure your computer is plugged into power, some computers conserve power when running on batteries by altering your connection
  • Make sure you are not currently downloading anything, close any other programs that are using the internet
  • Older computers, networks cards and hardware may need hardware upgrades to take full advantage of a broadband connection
Test your speed or find other helpful troubleshooting tips today by visiting

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