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Musical Chairs

Author: Adam/Monday, May 6, 2013/Categories: About Our Products, Zoom Internet

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BoomBoxHow do you currently consume your music? Radio, CD, MP3, or online music service? Just like the rest of our entertainment, music comes to us completely different than it used to. I can remember days of going to the mall the day that a new album came out to purchase it on CD (or even tape). These days it is as easy as downloading a new album from iTunes the moment it is available for release. While there has been some backwards movement in the music biz lately, as vinyl records have gained some popularity with music purists. For the most part, things keep moving forward. I have actually been using Spotify for a few months, which gives me instant access to almost any song, album or artist you can think of. I enjoyed using Pandora radio for the last several years to give me a new mix of music based on my favorite artists or genres. However, Spotify can provide that as well. How do you prefer to get your music?

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