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This Means War!

Author: Adam/Friday, September 14, 2012/Categories: Programming

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We have recently begun sharing some of our Local Programming content here, that we have on our YouTube page. Many of these videos are clips from the actual show, teasers for upcoming shows, or individual songs from a concert show. However, occasionally we will feature a full length presentation. We recently had the opportunity to film and interview some of the participants and organizers of the Pennsic War. The Pennsic War is an "annual event, in the guise of a 'War', between the Kingdoms of the East and the Middle of the Society for Creative Anachronism." This amazing event has to be seen to be understood, so please enjoy the full presentation below. Many of the participants remarked that this was one of the best pieces produced on this event.   Learn more about the Pennsic War and its organizations by visiting

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