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Connect to the Outside World

Make and accept calls with anyone inside or outside your organization.

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Streamline Communications

Reduce the number of applications, communication environments, or equipment.

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Collaborate in a Single Space

Host audio conference meetings with employees in ways that work best for them. Include outside contacts in a seamless space.

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Simplify Your Business Communication Experience

Build your company’s combined communication and collaboration space with direct business phone numbers, queues and auto-attendants, all while reducing the complexity of a managed telephony environment. Reducing communication cost by eliminating long-distance and international calling charges.

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing Requirements


Customers must have Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Teams Phone System licensing before a phone number is assigned. Licenses are available in bundle options from Microsoft and Microsoft partners. For Microsoft Teams Direct Routing to be activated, your Microsoft Teams Administrator must complete the following.

  1. Activate Armstrong as your service provider -
  2. Establish at least one Emergency contact -
  3. Locate and provide your 365 tenant ID -

Assigning Phone Numbers

Once Armstrong Business Solutions enables Microsoft Teams Direct Routing, your Microsoft Teams 365 Administrator can assign telephone numbers to users.

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