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2018 PyeongChang Olympic Games in 4K HDR

2018 PyeongChang Olympic Games in 4K HDR

Author: Tara/Thursday, January 25, 2018/Categories: Entertainment, Special

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For the first time, the Olympics will be broadcast in 4K High Dynamic Range. This technology displays images at over 8 million pixels allowing for higher resolution and greater range of color and contrast. 

Armstrong EXP customers can enjoy select events from the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics, February 8-25th, in 4K on Armstrong Channel 200.

Footage is expected from the Opening Ceremony, hockey, figure skating, short track speed skating, ski jumping, and snowboard competitions. 4K coverage will be available on delay. A full list of competition schedules and TV listings will be available prior to the start of the Games. 

Armstrong customers who want to access the Olympics in 4K will need a 4K capable TV, EXP, and an Arris MG2 set-top box. To ensure that you have the appropriate equipment, give us a call at 1-877-277-5711.

4K Olympic Schedule Below:

Date Event Time
2/9 Figure Skating 2:00pm
2/10 Opening Ceremony 2:00pm
2/11 Short Track 2:00pm
2/1 Figure Skating 4:30pm
2/12 Figure Skating 2:00pm
2/13 Ski Jumping 2:00pm
2/13 Short Track 3:30pm
2/14 Figure Skating 2:00pm
2/14 Ice Hockey 4:30pm
2/15 Ice Hockey 2:00pm
2/15 Figure Skating 4:00pm
2/15 Ice Hockey 6:30pm
2/16 Ice Hockey 2:00pm
2/16 Figure Skating 4:00pm
2/16 Ice Hockey 7:30pm
2/16 Ski Jumping 9:30pm
2/17 Ice Hockey 2:00pm
2/17 Figure Skating 4:00pm
2/17 Ice Hockey 7:30pm
2/18 Ski Jumping 2:00pm
2/18 Ice Hockey 3:20pm
2/18 Short Track 5:20pm
2/18 Ice Hockey 7:20pm
2/19 Ice Hockey 2:00pm
2/19 Figure Skating 4:00pm
2/19 Ice Hockey 7:00pm
2/19 Snowboard 9:00pm
2/20 Ski Jumping 2:00pm
2/20 Ice Hockey 4:15pm
2/20 Figure Skating 6:15pm
2/20 Ice Hockey 9:15pm
2/21 Short Track 2:00pm
2/21 Ice Hockey 3:30pm
2/21 Figure Skating 5:30pm
2/21 Ice Hockey 9:00pm
2/22 Ice Hockey 2:00pm
2/22 Snowboard 4:30pm
2/22 Short Track 6:00pm
2/23 Ice Hockey 2:00pm
2/23 Figure Skating 4:30pm
2/23 Ice Hockey 8:00pm
2/24 Snowboard 2:00pm
2/24 Ice Hockey 3:30pm
2/25 Ice Hockey 2:00pm
2/25 Figure Skating 5:00pm
2/26 Closing Ceremony 2:00pm

*Event times subject to change.



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