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Author: Adam/Wednesday, February 1, 2012/Categories: About Our Products, Television Plus

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If you are in the market for a new TV, you are probably faced with the option to either get an HDTV or a 3DTV.  We are still in the early adopter phase of 3D technology.  I actually know a few people that have purchased 3DTVs. However, I have heard a lot more people say they will wait until they do not have to wear glasses to experience 3D viewing. First, let’s talk about what is available in 3D. 3D Movies Movies have the biggest market in the 3D arena right now.   Many movies are even produced to showcase 3D technology.  Guess what? Armstrong has 3D movies OnDemand.  It’s true.  From the OnDemand screen go to “Movies” and then “3D.” 3D Events There are also a few special events broadcast in 3D.  Armstrong has made 3D special events available on channel 300 for our current 3D customers.  These special events included the NHL Winter Classic, the NHL Heritage Classic, the PGA Masters, and more. 3D Channels? In many ways, 3D programming is still a big work in progress.  Currently only a few networks have created 3D channels.  ESPN 3D is a channel that features live sporting events in 3D.  One of the other channels is 3net, provided by Discovery, Sony, and IMAX. Armstrong does not carry any of these channels at this time, but we are considering our options for additional 3D channels in the future. What is next for 3D? Since we are still in the early phases of 3D, no one knows where the technology will go. What will be the draw? Games, movies, events, concerts? I guess we will have to wait and see.

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