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8 Ways to use Zoom Share

Author: Adam/Friday, March 16, 2012/Categories: About Our Products, Zoom Internet

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Zoom Share is Armstrong’s wireless Internet router.  With the technological advances that are happening every day, the way you use Zoom Share keeps changing too.  Zoom Share is available to all Zoom subscribers for $5 a month.  We install and maintain your router.  Read on for a a list of eight random uses for Zoom Share:
  1. Your laptop.  Okay that’s a gimmie, but laptops remain the number one use for ZoomShare and probably will for quite some time.
  2. Your game console.  Whether you have a Playstation, Xbox or Wii, gaming consoles are a big way you use Zoom Share
  3. Smart Phones. Use your Zoom Share for faster connections that don't eat up monthly data usage.
  4. Televisions.
  5. Tablets.
  6. Sewing Machines.  Yes, really.
  7. Appliances.  Maybe you recently purchased a new refridgerator or stove...with an internet connection.
  8. the time this is posted, something new will now be able to connect to Zoom Share.

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