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Are you still watching the NFL?

Author: Adam/Monday, September 22, 2014/Categories: About Our Products, Television Plus

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football1Has the recent turmoil in the NFL, including domestic abuse, child abuse and cover-up scandals, caused you to flinch when it comes time to watch? The most popular American pro sport has seen its share of somber news conferences recently, with everyone taking notice and perhaps looking at the league a bit differently. Did week 3 see any dip in ratings? Will Monday Night Football tonight show a drop in viewers or will the eyeballs still be there? Some sponsors have made it known their distaste for the recent off field issues, but two or three companies won't do much to bring the league much reason to change much. Social media and public pressure have started to show that maybe the NFL can be pressured into making some major changes. Only time (and bank accounts) will tell.Personally, I have a hard time tuning in. Are you still watching?


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