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Can You Dig It?

Author: Adam/Wednesday, May 2, 2012/Categories: Special

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Special Guest Author, Suzie Rockburn Spring is here. Time to get that "to-do" list out again and start some work around the house. If any of those projects involve digging, you'll need to add another simple task. Whether you are planning on installing a new mailbox, putting up a fence or having a pool put in, the week before you begin to do any type of work involving digging it is a law to make contact with the agency in your state that notifies utility companies.  That agency will come and mark your property to ensure no damage is done to underground utilities. The universal call before you dig number is 811.  Read on to find out what you need to do to be prepared.   Here are some of the contact information for help in your state.
  • Pennsylvania     PA One Call     800.242.1776
  • Ohio     OUPS (Ohio Utility Protection Service)   800.362.2764
  • Maryland     Miss Utility     800.257.7777
  • West Virginia     Miss Utility-WV     800.245.4848
  • Kentucky           Kentucky 811     800.752.6007
  Be prepared to give the operator detailed information including your name and contact information, details about the area where the digging will occur, the type of work being done, depth of digging and more.   Within a few days you may see some flags in your yard:
  •                 White –proposed excavation
  •                 Pink—Survey markings
  •                 Red—Power lines
  •                 Yellow—Gas
  •                 Orange— Communication (telephone/cable)
  •                 Blue—Water
  •                 Green—Sewer lines
  Visit for even more information.  

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