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Author: Adam/Monday, September 24, 2012/Categories: Zoom Internet, Technology News

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I enjoy new technology. That is not a big secret. From trying to be as "paperless" as possible, using my iPhone and iPad to keep me organized, to staying updated on sports, news and entertainment with social media; it's pretty obvious I like to explore new sites and apps.  Not everyone is as comfortable with these new technologies, but are willing to try some new things. Digitwirl is a great site that shows you the true value in new apps, web services and devices. Host Carley Knobloch takes viewers on regular "twirls" with new technology to help you get organized, have fun and even save money.  You may have seen Carley on one of her visits to the Today show. Recently, Carley shared new technologies that help pet owners keep track of their pets daily lives. Other recent twirls shared tips for organizing your online coupons, saving recipes or this one that focuses on going paperless in your life.  

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