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EXP + Projector = Moments

EXP + Projector = Moments

Author: Melissa/Thursday, May 10, 2018/Categories: EXP, Zoom Internet

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You may have seen our new commercial on TV featuring a Father and Son watching the Baseball game in their driveway on the big screen. This special moment was made possible with EXP, plus a simple mini projector and was inspired by one of our very own Armstrong employees! With EXP, you can set a recording while you're away, and stream the recording or even live programming to your device.

Simply play the recording on your device and connect it to your mini projector to have your very won big screen experience. Don't forget the popcorn!

Projectors can vary, so be sure to use one that has a connection that is compatible with your streaming device through the EXP App. We used a projector with a USB connection, but there are models that can be connected through HDMI and even Bluetooth or Wi-Fi!

Create your own moments with EXP from Armstrong! 

EXP App - iOS
EXP App - Google Play


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