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Facebook Messenger Partners up with Spotify

Author: Melissa/Friday, March 4, 2016/Categories: Technology News

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Since the beginning of the Facebook Messenger app, available for both iOS and Android, there have been many additions to what you can send inside each chat. Some of these include photos, GIF's, stickers, etc. Now, you will be able to share songs that you choose from Spotify.

To share a song you simply click the "more"  section in a chat and scroll down till you see the Spotify app listed. Once the app is opened, it will let you browse for the song, artist or playlist that you want. After selecting your song, you will be sent back to the Messenger app. The person you shared with will be able to click on the song and be directed to Spotify to listen as well as send any song back. 

Also gain access to Spotify at from our App Tray or on EXP to also listen on any personal device.

Start sharing your favorite songs with friends and family today!

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