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Gadget Geek

Author: Adam/Monday, April 2, 2012/Categories: Special

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I am a gadget geek.  Something new comes out, I want it. However, I don't always get everything as soon as it hits the shelves. I usually wait a little while. iPod, iPhone, iPad. I waited at least until the second year or later to get each of these. Why wait? I just want to make sure all the bugs are worked out and that the money I invest will be well spent. Even as a kid, I wanted to have the latest video game system in hand. But I usually had to wait. However, some things are just so popular that people adopt them quicker than others. Most quickly adopted technology? Has to be a color TV right? VCR? DVD player? Nope! According to information from the Consumer Electronics Manufacturing Association, the Boom Box was in just over 60 percent of homes in after only 7 years on the market. Wow! Where do other "popular" gadgets stack up?   Boom Box     62% CD Player   55% VCR   40% Digital Camera   28% Camcorder   15% Cellphone   10% Color TV 1%   Will there ever be another gadget that is a must-have for every home? Only time will tell.

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