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Grand Finale

Author: Adam/Monday, May 14, 2012/Categories: About Our Products, Television Plus

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Farewell Wisteria Lane.  See you soon my nerdy friends, vampires, dancers, singers, and crime fighting heroes.  It’s  May.  The month of Season Finales.  The month of tear jerker endings, smiles, laughs and even nail biting suspense; undoubtedly leading you to yelling things like, “No. How? Why? They can’t end it like that.  Wow!” You’re now left waiting several months to see what happens next.   Play Catch Up Have you ever been so excited to watch the last episode of the season and then something comes up and you have to forgo watching?  Then the next day you walk around trying NOT to read internet headlines, watch talk shows or hear the office chit chat  just because you don’t want to spoil it for yourself. Don’t forget Armstrong On Demand.  You can watch that last episode anytime.   You can replay your favorite episodes or catch up on ones you missed!   Now What? If you’re like me, I find myself wondering what I’m going to watch until my shows return.   But wait wasn’t there that one show that your friend told you about?  You know that one, the one that they talked excitedly about and then said “You just have to check it out!”  Now is the perfect time to 'check it out.' During the summer months take time to browse the On Demand library and watch some of the shows you wanted to see.  The only dilemma is you may find some new favorites.  Then when the new season ramps up you’ll be wondering which shows to watch and follow. Thankfully you'll have Armstrong On Demand.   Speaking of Finales. Check out some of the best and worst series finales ever.

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