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"How About That Weather We’re Having?"

Author: Adam/Friday, April 26, 2013/Categories: Technology News

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weathercloudsThe king of 'small talk' opening lines; weather. If all else fails, you can always break that uncomfortable silence discussing the weather. Years ago you had to wait until the evening news to get tomorrow's weather forecast. Then along came the Weather Channel and their "Local on the 8s" overview. (You always seemed to catch on the 9s though.) Today everyone has a smartphone in their pocket or a computer in front of them. With a few clicks or flicks you can have the most up to date weather forecast right in front of you. As an iPhone user, I usually go with the built in weather widget for a quick view of my local temperature or tomorrow's forecast. However, for more details I usually relied on the Weather Channel app. However, Yahoo! just released a great new weather app (available on iOS and Android) that combines detailed weather information with beautiful localized photos from Yahoo's own Flickr network. How do you get your weather news?  

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