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I Love it When A Collection Comes Together

Author: Adam/Wednesday, August 1, 2012/Categories: About Our Products, Television Plus

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Over the years Hollywood has been taking some of your favorite TV shows from years past and turning them into new movie versions. While some critics call it recycling, I call it renewing. While it was great to see a new episode of your favorite show every week, it was over in 30 minutes or an hour and the end was pretty predictable. How many times did you wonder what it would be like if you could see a whole movie worth of action? Personally, I have had mixed feelings. A lot of my child hood memories can relate to TV.  I want these movie versions done right. The Scooby Doo adaptations were OK and it was great to see the Transformers finally come to life in the first movie, but what would happen to my two favorite shows. While one was ruined by the movie version (The Dukes of Hazzard); another was perfected (The A-Team). Not sure how you think your favorite show would turn out? Armstrong On Demand has a great new featured collection available: From TV to Movie. Featuring Charlie's Angels, G.I. Joe and more. Take a step back in time and remember your favorite TV shows and see how the big-screen versions turned out. The truth is out there. (Oh yeah, The X-Files is there too.)

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