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Inbox Managment

Author: Adam/Monday, April 14, 2014/Categories: Technology News

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relaxA lot has been made about email lately, especially in terms of work email after hours. While they may not want to answer emails after work is done, in France, a lot of us know that email doesn't and shouldn't stop. But how are you dealing with your inbox, especially when you are on the go? Fast Company recently highlighted 5 apps that help you manage your mobile inbox. Personally, I have a strict way of dealing with my email. If it is in my inbox it still needs to be dealt with (replied to, forwarded, filled away, etc.) So, I try to limit my emails in my inbox anyways. Most people let their inbox get pretty out of hand. I have tried a few of these type services in the past, including Dropbox owned Mailbox. Again, because 'inbox zero' is not as big of an issue for me, I don't like to venture away from my standard iPhone Mail app. What do you use?

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