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Internet Usage Tool

Author: Adam/Wednesday, February 29, 2012/Categories: About Our Products, Zoom Internet

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Have you ever wondered how much internet your household uses?  You know how much milk you go through. You know how many tanks of gas you fill up each month.  But internet? Armstrong now has a tool available that lets you view your bandwidth usage over a period of time.  You can view by month or by day to grasp an understanding of what is being consumed in your household. This information in conveniently located in your account management section of ArmstrongOneWire. (This information is not accessible until you have logged in with your account name and secure password.)  View the most current usage in the center of the account management page. Click on "view internet usage details" for the detailed daily and monthly information.   Now what? Now that you have an understanding of how much internet bandwidth you are consuming, you can watch for any abnormal activity.  What would that signify? If you see higher than normal use (or usage during periods of time when you are away from home) then you could have unauthorized users accessing your internet via your wireless router or you could even have spam or malware on your computer.  Again, this is simply a tool for you to monitor what goes on within your household. To learn more, log in to ArmstrongOneWire now.  

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