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Investigation Discovery TV Premieres

Author: Melissa/Thursday, April 19, 2018/Categories: Entertainment, Networks

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We should all feel safe in the workplace and comfortable collaborating with our colleagues. Unfortunately, for some employees, their co-workers in their office spaces, shop floors and factories were the cause of their untimely demise. The Killer Beside Me sheds light on workplace evil, where rivalry romance and the abuse of power peaks brutal slaying. This six part series re-tells the shocking events leading to one workplace murder. 

Watch the premiere of The Killer Beside Me on Saturday, April 21st at 10pm. 

Are you afraid of the dark? Would you work the overnight shift? Featuring nail-biting, true stories of victims working the graveyard shift who are put into real life nightmares, Dead of Night shows killers waiting to strike the most vulnerable people - those alone in the dark. 

Don't miss the premiere of Dead of Night on Monday, April 23rd at 10pm. 



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