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It’s a Bird. It’s a Plane. It’s On Demand!

Author: Adam/Monday, July 29, 2013/Categories: Entertainment, Original Series

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superkidEvery summer we get a few new blockbusters that hit the theaters. Lately, a few of those each year have been super hero and comic book based blockbusters. Last year we had new Batman and Spider-man movies, as well as the much anticipated Avengers team-up flick. This summer didn't disappoint, bringing us the newest Superman movie, Man of Steel and this past weekend, The Wolverine.

Well, if that isn't enough for you, look no further. Armstrong On Demand has a team of super hero and comic book movies to save the day. Check out some of our premium channels for the aforementioned hits The Dark Knight Rises (HBO) and The Amazing Spider-man (Starz). We also have some more obscure comic book movies like Marvel's Blade (Starz) and Ghost Rider (Starz), as well as the newer Judge Dredd (Showtime). Our Value Movies folder has some super hits as well. If cartoons are more your thing, check out Pixar's The Incredibles and Dreamworks' Megamind. Or check out one of the greatest non-superhero comic book movies, The Crow starring Brando Lee.

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