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It’s a Bird, Its’a Plane...

Author: Adam/Friday, July 13, 2012/Categories: About Our Products, Television Plus, Entertainment, Just for Kids

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As a recovering comic book geek I have enjoyed recent years of finally seeing my favorite super heroes come to life on the big screen. This year, Hollywood did not disappoint. With three major releases. Avengers brings together recent Marvel movie stars together with an all-star cast as powerful as the heroes they portray. The final Batman film, Dark Knight Rises, will bring a close to, what I feel, is the best super hero movie franchise yet.  Finally, Marvel restarts their biggest character, Spider-Man, with an all new take on the classic web-slinger. Usually debuting through the summer, the "blockbuster" movie is full of action, explosions and special effects.  Comic book super heroes are a perfect fit. With all the fast food, soft drink and other movie tie-ins you can imagine, it is easy to get caught up in the pre-release excitement. To help stay excited while you are waiting on Batman to rise again or to keep the Avengers or Spider-Man rush going, check out some of the Super Hero movies Armstrong has available On Demand. This year's Ghost Rider sequel (Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance) is available in our Movies folder. Our Value Movies has the entire Blade Trilogy; Superman: The Movie and Superman 2; Watchmen; and to get ready for Dark Knight Rises - both previous Christian Bale films (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight) are available. Even some of our Premium TV channels have some great Super Hero flicks. Check out Green Lantern on Cinemax; as well as X2 and X-Men: First Class on HBO. (Premium TV On Demand is available for no additional charge with your paid subscription to each channel.) So, get your cape and/or mask on and geek-out this summer with some great Super Hero movies with Armstrong On Demand.

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