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Keep Connected with Zoom Wi-Fi

Author: Melissa/Friday, August 26, 2016/Categories: Zoom Internet

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We heavily rely on our daily online experience - so much that it's hard to imagine life without it. We consider it essential to be connected at home, work, and play. Zoom Wi-Fi is Armstrong's wireless Internet router that keeps your family connected - and all at the same time. How many devices do you have?

According to a recent report, the average household now has over 7 active devices in use each day. Your PC or laptop is at the top of the list of a myriad of connected devices accessing the internet. According to comScore data, some households with a family of four even have up to 19 connected devices. Computers actually account for a minority share of internet access as consumers now use smartphones, tablets, wearables (smart watches, fitness trackers, health monitors), gaming consoles, streaming devices, TVs, and many smart home solutions such as cameras, thermostats, lights, door locks, appliances, jewelry, clothing, and cars. This is all lpart of the fast expansion of Iot or "the Internet of Things" and the development of future technology. 

As you and your family evolve with technology, Zoom Wi-Fi is here to keep all of your devices connected. Better yet, it's included with Armstrong EXP!


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