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Author: Adam/Friday, May 17, 2013/Categories: About Our Products, Zoom Internet, Technology News

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How do you get from Point A to Point B these days? I can remember days of highlighting a travel atlas and keeping it in the passengers seat when taking a road trip. Soon came the days of printing out your MapQuest or Google Maps directions and keeping those handy. Soon came GPS and smart phones with map access. These days I am not worried in the least. I know that at any point in my travels I could easily punch in an address, search for a business name or even bring up an app like Yelp and just type in the food I might want and follow the directions. mapsAs an iPhone user I have several choices to help me find my way. Apple's built in Map app is great for a quick view of my surroundings, finding a near by address or clicking through from an address in an email. If I am using a Google based app like Chrome or Google Search, I can be taken directly to the Google Maps app. However, if I want real time updates and time saving turn-by-turn directions, I go with waze. Waze is a crowd-sourced GPS navigation app that allows users to report road hazards, accidents and police traps, while the app collects speed and delay location in real time. While the app is somewhat gamified, it is meant to help every day users find safe and quick routes to and from their daily destinations. Waze just made the news recently, as it is rumored to be in talks with Facebook in a possible buyout deal. Hopefully they will leave the app relatively unchanged, much like they did with the Instagram purchase. Either way, waze remains my go-to app for turn-by-turn navigation. How do you approach your road trips and directionally challenged adventures? Do you prepare with a hard copy map or printout or are you a GPS convert?

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