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Muppet Mania!

Author: Adam/Tuesday, March 20, 2012/Categories: Entertainment, Just for Kids

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It’s time to play the music, It’s time to light the lights, It’s time to watch The Muppets On Demand tonight!
…Oh, how I have waited to sing that tune. (As corny as it may sound)
Never before have I been so excited to watch a movie again. I took my oldest son to see The Muppets in the theater. (My youngest son was still probably too young to sit through a movie in the theater.)
OK, let’s back up… I love the Muppets (anything Jim Henson really) and have enjoyed sharing that love with my boys literally since the days they were born. However, I don’t think it really clicked until they have come back into the spotlight (appearances on Disney channel shows, the Oscars, you name it). So, just before the movie came out in theaters you started seeing more and more Muppets shirts, toys, etc. available. I went a little overboard with the clothes (my youngest is nicknamed Kermit at his pre-school.)
The boys both enjoy watching the old movies and the old series, but for them to finally have a Muppet movie made in their time is wonderful. Now, I am sure that I will eventually purchase this DVD for the car, (something has to replace Toy Story 3 or I am going to go nuts) but being able to set down and watch this in the comfort of our own home, as soon as possible is priceless to me.
Long story short… I don’t have to wait an extra 28 or 60 days longer to let the whole family enjoy The Muppets. Many movies are available On Demand with Armstrong the same day they are released on DVD and Blu-ray.  Just a few remote clicks away.  Enjoy!

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