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Music Choice App User Tips

Music Choice App User Tips

Author: Craig/Tuesday, April 9, 2019/Categories: About Our Products, EXP

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The Music Choice App, available with EXP, is a great option for listening to your favorite music.  Now, in addition to launching the app directly on the EXP platform, the Music Choice app will launch on EXP when tuning to channels 699-750.


New to the Music Choice App?  Here are some user tips to help guide you:


 “The Music Choice Experience” and Entering “Full Screen”

  • To enter a full screen experience, you’ll need to navigate to the “Main Menu” away from “Watch Now.”  Once there, you will find the “Full Screen” option under the “Settings” menu.  Simply move to the "Full Screen” option and hit select on your remote to enter the Music Choice full screen experience you know and love.

Exiting “Full-Screen”

  • To exit the full screen experience in the new Music Choice, you can hit the left arrow, back, or exit buttons on your remote.  You will be returned to “Settings” within the new Music Choice interface.

Turning on “Closed Captions”

  • To toggle Music Choice’s captions in the new experience, you’ll need to navigate the Main Menu away from “Watch Now.” Once there, you’ll find the Full Screen option under the “Settings” menu.  Simply move to the “Closed Captions” option and hit select on your remote to toggle the captions on or off.


  • Searching in the new Music Choice is easy.  From the Main Menu under “Watch Now” you will see a secondary menu with other ways to discover new content.  Move your cursor down into the new menu and use the left or right button on your remote to find “Search.”  Once you’ve navigated to the search pane, you will be able to use the on-screen keyboard to search for artists and videos.  After searching, you can navigate down into the results to choose a video to play or if you choose an artist, you will be taken to their Artist Page and you will be able to browse their Music Videos and Artist Channels.

Tuning to a New Channel

  • The new Music Choice makes finding new channels to listen to easy!  From the Main Menu, move left or right from “Watch Now” to either “Video Channels” or “Music Channels.”  After doing so, you will notice the secondary menu now represents different channel categories.  Navigate between these categories to easily discover new channels you’re sure to love.

Finding “You Watched”

  • In the new Music Choice, we’ve made it easier to find the channels and videos you’ve already played!  From the Main Menu, navigate left or right to “You Watched.”  Under “You Watched” in the secondary menu are categories for the content you’ve watched.  You’ll notice recent videos under “Video On Demand” and your respective channels under “Music Channels” or “Video Channels.”

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