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On Demand Makes Me Happy

Author: Adam/Friday, March 2, 2012/Categories: About Our Products, Television Plus

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I’m an avid DVR user. Strike that. I’m an obsessive fan of The Big Bang Theory…so much so that I’ve filled my DVR to capacity with episodes. This of course meant that I didn’t have room on my DVR to record the newest Family Guy. No worries. I’ve got Armstrong On Demand.  Roll Right In to On Demand Think of Armstrong On Demand as a mansion full of libraries. And your TV remote is the butler, and all you need do to ring for him is to press “1” on your remote. You want a movie? He fetches it from your movie library. You want to see what cable and broadcast networks are available On Demand? Just ring and he returns with a smorgasbord of networks from the TV Networks library. Pressing “1” on your remote gives you access to Armstrong’s entire mansion of On Demand libraries. Using the arrow keys on your remote moves you around the different doors to those libraries. For instance, if you arrow to the TV Series door and press “OK”, you will be open to even more doors, allowing you to sort through content. Want to back out of a door? Just press “Last” on your remote and ta-da! You’ll magically be transported back to the last On Demand door you opened. Okay, it’s not really a ta-da moment…but it is pretty cool. Sorting Through The reason for the handy-dandy libraries is that without them, we’d just have a mish-mash of programming hastily scattered about. And you’d be searching for it like you do that favorite top that you just wore last night, but then you through it in the hamper because you were too tired to hang it up, then you decided that you wanted to wear it today, and you only have five minutes before you leave and you haven’t even brushed your teeth yet. Like that. Each On Demand library holds a subset of libraries, perfectly organized with like programming. For instance, the Kids library is the door to Disney Channel, Sprout, Nickelodeon and more. I Paid for What!?!?!? Are you that person that’s not going to try On Demand for fear that you will accidentally hit a button and be charged for something? While there are plenty of (fantastic) movies for purchase in the Movies library, that is one of the only libraries with pay content. Almost everything else is free. The “almost” part includes: the Premium library (that can be accessed by those who subscribe to HBO, Cinemax, Showtime or Starz! in their corresponding linear formats) and certain movies within libraries outside of the Movies library. When choosing a show, look at the upper right-hand corner of your screen…you will see either a price (ranging from $2.99 for older movies to $7.00 for 3D movies) or the word “Free”. If you select a movie in which there is a price, you will have the choice to either press “BUY” or to go to the last screen. If you press “BUY”, you will again be prompted to either order or cancel the request. Easy, Peasy, and Best of All…Free(sy?) Not only are there a ton of great movies On Demand—many of them released to Armstrong before Netflix or RedBox—but there are over literally thousands of hours of free programming. And it’s programming you’ve actually heard of, like American Horror Story and Pawn Stars. So put down that smart phone and pick up your remote. You’ve got a lot of On Demand to watch.


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