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On The Go

Author: Adam/Friday, October 5, 2012/Categories: About Our Products, Zoom Internet, Television Plus

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Kids' Fall Sports. Parades. Festivals. Whatever is keeping you on the go, could be keeping you from your favorite show. Or worse, a big game. Just this past weekend, a friend of mine refused to hear the updates of the college football game he was recording at home. He went home and watched it start to finish. (Little did he know, he went into double overtime. He was in for a long evening.)

But what if you thought you were going to be home in time and you had a second festival to attend that you didn't really plan for? No sweat. Just visit, log in and your are ready to go. Just find your show or game, hit record and it will be waiting on you when you get home. Never worry about enjoying all that life has to offer. Your DVR has you covered!  


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