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Organized for a New Year

Author: Adam/Friday, January 4, 2013/Categories: Special, Technology News

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So, it starts with the holiday decorations. You pack up the boxes and put them back in storage for another 11 months. Now you realize things are a little unorganized. What do you do? You need to start with a plan. You need to act on that plan.

organizeHold up! To be clear, we are going to discuss how to organize certain parts of your life; including your digital life, home-office clutter and even your entertainment. We can't do it all; we aren't miracle workers. Throughout this month we will discuss some great ways to start organizing yourself and even tempting you to try to live a "paperless" life.  (You are never truly paperless, but you can reduce the paper clutter.) First, you have to be open to getting organized. It takes a little bit more time to get started, but is worth it when it comes to the end product. The first tip I have for anyone is to look into some free online tools like Evernote and Dropbox. Evernote is the centerpiece of my paperless life. This is more than just an app for your phone or program for your computer, it is an extension of your memory. For me, Evernote is an extension of myself. (It has replaced most manual record keeping, replaced my wallet and replaced a filing cabinet.) Let me challenge you to try Evernote first. See what you can do with it. Then we will learn how to maximize it's abilities.

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