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"Phone Home"

Author: Adam/Monday, June 25, 2012/Categories: About Our Products, Telephone

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With today's technology, are home phones a thing of the past?  You may look at your parents or grandparents and wonder why they still have a home phone.  Although we’ve come to rely on our cell phones there are many good reasons why having a home phone is a smart idea. First, a home phone is reliable.  If you’re like me, you don’t always get the greatest cell signal in the house. I often find myself moving around the house trying to get that extra bar; my front window always seems to be a good spot. Have you ever been in the middle of a conversation when the other person says that they couldn’t hear you and you have to repeat yourself?  How many times has your call been completely dropped? Cell phones are great, but I’ve learned that when I’m at the house to use my home phone.  This ensures that my best friend can hear me clearly. I won’t have to call my sister back because our call was dropped; unless of course her cell phone drops our call.  Another reason I use my home phone instead of my cell phone, is because my cell battery seems to be nearing death whenever I get on a long winded conversation with my Aunt. A home phone is almost always charged and ready to go. You have no signal to worry about. And you never lose your call. Probably the best reason to have a home phone is in case of emergencies.  It’s horrible to think about, but you can never predict emergencies.  For me, what really hit home was when my father had a stroke.  If it was not for the home phone sitting nearby he would not have been able to dial 911 to call for help.  This got me thinking about my family further.  My niece has a newborn baby and my nephew, a 7 year old son.  Neither have the greatest cell reception in their home.  What if there was an emergency and they needed to get hold of the doctor, a family member or call 911? Did you know that when you call 911 from your home phone your exact location automatically displays in the system?  This allows emergency personnel to be quickly dispatched to your home, even if you’re having trouble talking.  I cannot say the same for my cell phone. Technology has advanced and your cell phone location can eventually be tracked, but not with the same speed and ease as a home phone. It's nice to have the peace of mind that help is just a phone call away.

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