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Phoning It In

Author: Adam/Wednesday, July 25, 2012/Categories: About Our Products, Television Plus

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Can we pay attention to anything without checking our phones? A recent report stated that half of U.S. mobile phone users were actively using their phones while watching television. Does that mean we aren't paying attention to shows, but instead nose down into our phones? Well, not exactly. According to the report, 23% of users sent text messages to other users, watching the same show in another location. Between texting and posting on social networks (including Check-ins) television viewers are possibly more interested and engaged by shows than ever. We recently talked about the "second screen" and how we are interact with others while watching television.  With more and more apps and networks available to engage with your shows, do you find yourself more loyal to these shows? Do you "check-in" or post about your favorite shows? What kind of second screen experience do you want to see?  

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