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Repurposing Older Technology

Author: Adam/Monday, October 20, 2014/Categories: About Our Products, Zoom Internet, Technology News

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We all know how fast technology changes. Just as soon as you buy the most recent version of a phone, laptop, tablet or video game system, it seems like it is already out of date. Every year we get new press conferences detailing all of the upgrades to your favorite device, making the device in your hands at the time seem worthless. Truly what social media would refer to as a "first world problem." The newest lineup of iPads are on display and will soon be in the hands of anxious holiday consumers. But what to do with the ancient relic you have in front of you right now? Gizmodo recently listed 8 ways to repurpose your older iPads. The article recommends using the older devices as a kitchen companion, an e-reader or comic book library. Or if you have really lost all hope for the device a picture frame. I personally like the idea of using the devices for In-Car Entertainment. Downloading movies through services like Vudu, iTunes and Disney take the place of a car DVD player and it can double as a gaming device when movies are over. I certainly subscribe to this thinking. Our original iPad is still in use as a gaming, video and learning tablet for our kids. Apps like Netflix, ABC Mouse, Minecraft and Angry Birds still work just fine on this dinosaur device. We have done the same with older iPhones. Loading them with games and videos, I am sure the patrons at our local restaurant thank us. Read the full article here.

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