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Screen Time

Author: Adam/Friday, October 31, 2014/Categories: Technology News

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This will likely be a debate for many years to come, but many parents struggle with the amount of "screen time" or time their children are allowed to use devices like iPads and other tablets, as well as computers and video games in general. A recent study from New York University showed that not all "screen time" is bad, in fact kids who use specific learning based apps see positive impacts on their reading scores. The article from Fast Company discusses the study and what the findings tell us. While I can admit my kids probably have more "screen time" than maybe they should, especially when a lot of it isn't strictly educational, I have limited their video game and device time to weekends only. During school days, we have enough to keep us busy with homework and normal evening routines. I can remember my parents worrying about the Atari or Nintendo systems being too much for me and my siblings when I was a kid. While I feel I was able to balance that as a kid, I realize that comparing that to the technology my kids will grow up with will be apples-and-oranges type stuff.

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