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Sun Outages March 2-6th

Author: Jamie/Tuesday, February 28, 2017/Categories: Special

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Sun Outages, also known as "solar satellite interference", happen twice a year and are a natural phenomenon caused by Mother Nature. This Spring, the solar satellite interference will occur March 2 through march 6 during the day between 12:41 PM - 4:37 PM.

You may experience some level of TV interference with a brief outage lasting several minutes. The solar interference occurs for a week during the Spring and Fall when the sun is in a direct line behind a communication satellite that sends signals to the receiving satellite antenna on earth. As the antenna on earth looks toward the sun, the sun's interference overrides the signals being emitted from the satellite. This results in a sun outage.

Picture and sound quality may be affected with effects varying from blocks (tiling) or momentary freezing on your TV. We apologize for any inconvenience a sun outage may cause however this temporarily impacts all providers and TV subscribers. Your TV service will automatically be restored.


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