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Author: Adam/Monday, July 14, 2014/Categories: About Our Products, Zoom Internet, Technology News

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techWe are so used to technology that we often forget what it was like without some of our modern conveniences. I can remember 'riding' the Carousel of Progress in Walk Disney World's Tomorrowland as a kid. Even in the 80s some of the 'technology' it was predicting was already coming true. A recent Wired article shared some 'retro' AT&T commercials from 20 years ago that were predicting our connected world. While a few of the technological innovations were a bit short sighted (Facetime in a phone booth), it was pretty dead-on with how we are living today. Sure the graphics are better, the devices are smaller, but the way we are using them was right on. Sure, we may not have flying cars or hover-boards, but we have come a long way.  Read the full article here.

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