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The World Wide Web

Author: Adam/Monday, April 29, 2013/Categories: Technology News

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computeroldA few months ago we talked about the way the internet used to be, but what were things really like then? We probably remember it being a little slower to download pictures. Maybe it took a while to load the entire webpage that had all the information you were waiting on. But how bad could it really have been? Over the past few weeks, I have seen a couple of nostalgic articles that point out the early days of the world wide web. Yahoo! Finance had a feature regarding several famous "internet firsts," including the first picture ever uploaded and the first AOL Instant Message. (Do you remember the first time you instant messaged someone?) An article caught my eye the other day that featured major films of the 90s that had not updated or taken down their promotional websites; including Space Jam and appropriately, You've Got Mail. (Note: it seems someone has since updated the links to the three Warner Brothers movies to purchase a Blu-ray copy; smart!) BONUS: 23 Ancient Websites Still live (Gizmodo) So, maybe it was that bad; what do you think?    

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