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TiVo App: Remote Control

Author: Melissa/Tuesday, September 8, 2015/Categories: About Our Products, EXP, Technology News

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With the FREE TiVo App, you can do just about everything you do now with your remote control - such as find and watch shows, schedule recordings, control live TV and recorded shows, and more from your Apple or Android mobile devices. Once you download the latest TiVo App from iTunes or Google Play, follow these quick steps.

  • Tap the remote control icon on the top right of the screen
  • Tap "Gestures" to show gesture pad areas. You can use touch-screen gestures, similar to gestures used on other smartphone and mobile devices, to control your video.
  • Tap "Buttons" to show the remote control buttons. To navigate around menus and controlling playback. Use the buttons on the right of the screen to control video. You can fast-forward, rewind, pause, slow motion, advance, instant replay, record, or give Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down ratings. Use the buttons on the left side to navigate around the menus. 

Note: The remote control is not available if you are away from your home network.


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