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Ultra HD 4K: Refresh Rates

Learn more about Ultra HD 4K Tv's

Author: Melissa/Thursday, August 6, 2015/Categories: Technology News

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When looking to purchase a new Television, we often times think about response time, load times, screen sizes, and resolution. In order to get that natural looking motion on your screen, your refresh rate should be higher. But is it really?

 A basic TV usually refreshes 60 times per second or 60Hz while an HD TV refreshes up to 120Hz. Now that we have hit the HD 4K TV’s, we should be raising higher rates like 480Hz, right? Well, not necessarily.  The more expensive 4K TVs have up to a 120 Hz refresh rate but the less expensive TVs are only around 60Hz. But this doesn’t mean if you trade in a TV for a 4K Ultra HD TV that you are downgrading your picture quality.

 Due to the higher refresh rates on LCD and OLED TVs, these can help decrease the motion blur. “Motion blur” is when anything in motion blurs and looks unclear. The problem with LCD TVs is that they will hold the image in the same spot for the full 60th second, creating that blurry image that we see.

 Whether you are interested in purchasing a new TV or just learning some more information about the picture on your TV screen, it’s always important to check customer reviews on how the TV will handle motion.

 To learn more about the different TV brands, models, and refresh rates, visit


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