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Author: Adam/Wednesday, March 21, 2012/Categories: About Our Products, Zoom Internet, Television Plus, Telephone, Special

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Growing up in the 80's there weren't that many technological things that we had to worry about as a kid. Once you figured out how to rewind the unwound cassette tape with a pencil and blow the dust out of the Nintendo games to get them to work, you were pretty much set. Today's kids are more advanced technologically than ever before. The more exposure and access our kids have to technology, the more chance there is for them to wander into questionable territory.  Armstrong has a tool for parents to help keep kids safe when in comes to Television, Telephone and Internet. has helpful tips on how to help your family stay out of harm's way when it comes to things like television viewing, online browsing and social networking, and even using the home phone.   "You Can't Do That On Television" Learn how to set up Parental Controls on your set top box (my 7 year old can navigate the On Demand menu like a game of Pac-Man); get tips on best practices for monitoring your children's favorite television channels and shows (it's not just Reading Rainbow and the Electric Company anymore); and there are even additional resources to help you out.   "Who You Gonna Call?" See how to manage your phone account, block 900 numbers and find tips on talking to strangers and using 911.  While most kids can flip through an iPhone to find Angry Birds, talking on the phone is a whole different game.   "Would You Like to Play a Game?" Here is where we can really help. For our generation, using the computer to find out where in the world  Carmen Sandiego was could virtually take you to Istanbul. Playing online these days could actually route you to Istanbul. Find resources for talking to your kids about safe surfing practices, appropriate media downloading, and of course, social networking and instant messaging.   Feel comfortable with your child's viewing habits, online activities and more with Now you know what you are up against and as G.I. Joe would say, "knowing is half the battle."  

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